Update Log

RT-Thread Studio IDE Update Log

  • Support selecting the DAP-Link debugger when new projects are created.(stm32H7 series is not supported)

  • Support selecting the QEMU simulator when new projects are created.

  • Support generating RT-Thread Nano project.

  • Support checking update log in the "About RT-Thread Studio" menu.

  • Perfect the functionality of switching languages and automatically restart studio after switching.

  • Fix an error in which the imported project cannot exit when the chip is not recognized.

  • Add new project wizard, "Add more" chip series option.

  • The required built-in resource packs can automatically be detected and installed when startup.

  • Add J-Link software support package version 6.80d.

  • Perfect switching chip support package version.

  • Perfect J-Link debug configuration prompt information.

  • Perfect the SDK Manager offline resource pack import function.

  • Fix the error that the board.h is missing braces when generating the project.

  • Add Project Chip Support Package switching function.
  • Add project RT-Thread version switching function.
  • Add auto-build feature sits on startup debugging.
  • Add Project Creation Default Settings is UTF8 Coding.
  • Upgrade project chip switching function.
  • Upgrade download and debug shortcuts.
  • Upgrade new project wizard.
  • Upgrade the prompt of new project creation failure.
  • Upgrade the internal path of the debug configuration to save as a relative path.
  • Upgrade SDK Manager offline resource pack import function.
  • Solve the dragging shaking problem of tree-diagram configuration column width.
  • Fix the problem of clicking tree-diagram configuration too fast will pop up the prompt box.
  • Fix some packages addition failure issues.
  • Resolve the SDK Manager installation status icon display exception.
  • Support ST-Link specified sector erasing function.

  • Add code analysis function.

  • SDK Manager upgrade.
  • New Project Wizard upgrade.
  • Add import MDK/IAR project entrances and features.

  • Add compilation displays ROM/RAM usage results.

  • Perfect chip-based project creation wizards.

  • Improve search and replace functionalities.

  • Optimize the configurator startup speed.

  • Support STM32L1 series chip (latest version only)

  • Perfect project generating to add more available peripheral drivers.

  • Perfect link script editor.

  • Perfect package download logs.

  • Fixes engineering download failure when importing the space path.

  • Fix the prompt problem without debug configuration after downloading the imported project.

  • Optimize configurator startup speed, fix some display errors.

  • Add compiled logs to simplify output and detail output function.

  • Support displaying the current RT-Thread project version.

  • Add link.lds file graphics editor function.

  • Optimize the RT-Thread configuration interface.

  • Fix the package version display inconsistency issue.

  • Fix the prompt problem without debug configuration after downloading the imported project.

  • Fix the following version of 5.0 when the process resides after the JLink finished downloading.

  • Update the list of new project wizard chips.

  • Adjust the engineering wizard to create priority if based on chips.

  • Adjust the F1 series chips default select 103VE.

  • Perfect the information display in the tree configuration interface prompt box.

  • Fix the incorrect package version display issue.

  • Solve the problem of chip switching and debugging configuration not able to open after renaming project.

  • Fix the problem of occupancy anomalies when deleting the project.

  • Upgrade the project generator.

  • Added a beautiful and complete Dev Style theme.

  • Support ST-Link program automatically runs and configures after downloading.

  • Support viewing configuration item dependency information.

  • Optimize and improve the serial terminal function.

  • Solve the support problem of C++.

  • Add project creation wizard console serial LPUART1 option.
  • Add tree configuration search function in right-click menu (Ctrl-F), making it easy to find configuration items.
  • Add a one-click maximize function button in the tree configuration interface for easily operating tree configuration.
  • Add a right-click function menu for Drivers component development document for easily viewing the development document.
  • Support moonrise theme function plug-in.
  • Add RT-Thread category project importing entrance.
  • Automatic addition of C++ support when the C++ component is enabled.
  • Fix a problem of duplicate nodes in the tree configuration.
  • Fix an issue that the welcome page does not display on some computers.
  • Fix an issue that the package version cannot be modified.
  • Simplify the JLink configuration and remove the JLink download configuration page.
  • Integrate the new terminal software putty.
  • The chip is named in the form of chip package naming specification.
  • Optimize and improve the project generator.