Update Log

RT-Thread Studio IDE Update Log

  • Update Sconscripts project right-click menu
  • Add a configuration function portal to Renesas projects
  • Add the function of switching the download source of resources
  • Perfect DAP-LINK download configuration
  • Solve the resource pack description high resolution display issue under SDK Manager
  • Fix the sh reports gcc not found error during the build process
  • Fix the issue that failed to add peripheral routine in the package center
  • Fix the issue where click-to-add software didn't work
  • Solve the problem that failed to modify the DEVICE name of the DAP debug configuration
  • Solve the Problem of Making .exe not found in PATH
  • Add RT-Thread 4.0.4 source code package
  • Add 5 development board support packages
  • Support SDK Manager to rely on automatic downloads
  • Support SDK Manager to allow all resource bundle deletions
  • Support SDK Manager offline import of existing packages
  • Support SDK Manager switching the download source function
  • Perfect exclusion build function
  • Fix the issue that after modifying the build configuration parameters clicking Compile does not support to recompile
  • Solve the issue where BSP project failed to switch system versions
  • Fix the issue where the newly created configuration template did not take effect
  • Solve QEMU project creation failure
  • Fix the issue where QEMU could not find an adaptable emulator
  • Perfect QEMU end debugging speed
  • Perfect search function
  • Provide a precise menu
  • Add software exception information database, auxiliary exception identification and prompt function
  • Add status bar to display file encoding
  • Support development board support package can be created based on template
  • Add the function of adding source code files can automatically identify file encodings and avoid garbled codes
  • Perfect Studio to seamless support for cubemx subsequent higher versions
  • Add RT-Thread nano-3.1.5 source code package
  • Add log analysis of common software exceptions and intelligent information prompt guidance
  • Add Tip Of The Day feature
  • Add support for serial terminal history command
  • Add the prompt when creating a project and there is not enough disk space
  • Perfect the default function of use in line search
  • Perfect terminal window display while debugging
  • Solve the ST-Link debug configuration reset mode failure issue
  • Solve exception issue where importing MDK projects use Dap-Link debugging
  • Fix the issue of repeatedly selecting the chip when importing a project
  • Fix the QEMU-A9 Smart project compilation failure issue
  • Fix the issue that the toolchain could not be found when compiling after downloading the toolchain
  • Fix the issue where default shortcut settings were missing after upgrade
  • Perfect SDK Manager prompt messages
  • Perfect component dependency alerts
  • Perfect renaming of RT-Thread projects
  • Perfect the known issues with STM32CubeMX
  • Optimize the timing when the dialog is closed when the configuration is saved
  • Optimize the display of Extra Commands in the QEMU configuration interface
  • Optimize the filtering function of excluded resources
  • Add Board Supported Package Production tool
  • Support collaboration in the development with the MDK5 project, with two-way synchronization
  • In collaboration with STM32CubeMX
  • Add 8 new board vendors, more than 40 new board support packages
  • Code assistant trigger conditions can be configured
  • Add QEMU Simulator (STM32F401/STM32F410)
  • Put the BSP production tutorial document online in the Document Center
  • Add RT-Thread V4.0.3 source package to SDK Manager
  • Add ST-LINK Debugger V1.6.0 package to SDK Manager
  • Perfect RT-Thread source package date display and last update date consistent
  • Perfect Studio to save files automatically when rebuilt
  • Improve the QEMU debugging configuration parameters and optimize the QEMU interactive operation experience
  • Solve the problem that the project build command line too long to exceed the windows limit
  • Fixe an issue of switching workspaces
  • Fix an issue that caused flash back on some computers
  • Fix an issue where the Project Creation Mode option for the Project Creation Wizard does not appear at some resolution
  • Integrated Platformio bare metal frame feature
  • Add Rebuild feature (auto-clean-up and rebuild)
  • Add entry to view board info
  • Add Project Template Support Package
  • Support jlink download and debugging via tcp/ip connection
  • Add QEMU to support network
  • Support arm-linux-musleabi to compile RT-Thread Smart kernel
  • Perfect link script editor compatible with more format link scripts
  • Fix an issue that the QEMU network configuration is not working properly
  • Fix a duplicate configuration node problem with the RT-Thread configuration item
  • Solve the problem of repeatedly creating configuration item nodes as the RT-Thread configuration node expands
  • Add STLINK Debugger v1.4.0 resource pack
  • Add support of switching different versions of STLINK Debugger
  • Support SDK resource pack displays the updated time
  • Add GD32VF103-NUCLEI-RVSTAR Development Board v0.1.1 Resource Pack
  • Perfect RISCV project construction information display and debug peripheral register display problems
  • Support to view the dev board picture in a large size
  • Resolve the issue of link command length exceeding windows length limit when building a project
  • Fix an issue of Build does not work when only the link script is modified
  • Solve the problem that the complete installation package is oversize
  • Solve the pyocd burning problem (switch to burning bin file)
  • Perfect project wizard
    1. Support project creation based on board
  • Toolchain support
    1. Support RISC-V toolchain
  • Perfect Build function
    1. Fix the issue when debugging is started, Build does not automatically enable
    2. Solve the problem that the Build is not available when only the link script has been modified
  • Perfect SDK Manager
    1. Add board type resource pack
    2. Beautify the SDK Manger icon
    3. Fix the problem of the SDK resource pack installation failure
  • Add board support
    1. Support IMXRT1064/1052 board
  • Perfect RT-Thread configuration
    1. Solve the problem that the RT-Thread configuration page was not automatically saved when building
  • Perfect QEMU
    1. Support rvstar development board qemu simulation
    2. Support vexpress-a9 qemu simulation
    3. Support STM32 sdio qemu simulation
  • Perfect Debugger
    1. Support ST-LINK debugging reset
    2. Support ST-LINK debugging to view peripheral registers
    3. Support ST-LINK external FLASH download algorithm
    4. Fix the problem of logs garbled when ST-LINK downloads Verify
    5. Support DAP-LINK multi-download algorithms
    6. Support DAP-LINK to download debugging parameter to faster the download
    7. Fix the problem that the project path has a space bullet box when J-Link downloads and the starting and ending address need to be entered manually
  • Support selecting the DAP-Link debugger when new projects are created.(stm32H7 series is not supported)

  • Support selecting the QEMU simulator when new projects are created.

  • Support generating RT-Thread Nano project.

  • Support checking update log in the "About RT-Thread Studio" menu.

  • Perfect the functionality of switching languages and automatically restart studio after switching.

  • Fix an error in which the imported project cannot exit when the chip is not recognized.

  • Add new project wizard, "Add more" chip series option.

  • The required built-in resource packs can automatically be detected and installed when startup.

  • Add J-Link software support package version 6.80d.

  • Perfect switching chip support package version.

  • Perfect J-Link debug configuration prompt information.

  • Perfect the SDK Manager offline resource pack import function.

  • Fix the error that the board.h is missing braces when generating the project.

  • Add Project Chip Support Package switching function.
  • Add project RT-Thread version switching function.
  • Add auto-build feature sits on startup debugging.
  • Add Project Creation Default Settings is UTF8 Coding.
  • Upgrade project chip switching function.
  • Upgrade download and debug shortcuts.
  • Upgrade new project wizard.
  • Upgrade the prompt of new project creation failure.
  • Upgrade the internal path of the debug configuration to save as a relative path.
  • Upgrade SDK Manager offline resource pack import function.
  • Solve the dragging shaking problem of tree-diagram configuration column width.
  • Fix the problem of clicking tree-diagram configuration too fast will pop up the prompt box.
  • Fix some packages addition failure issues.
  • Resolve the SDK Manager installation status icon display exception.
  • Support ST-Link specified sector erasing function.

  • Add code analysis function.

  • SDK Manager upgrade.
  • New Project Wizard upgrade.
  • Add import MDK/IAR project entrances and features.

  • Add compilation displays ROM/RAM usage results.

  • Perfect chip-based project creation wizards.

  • Improve search and replace functionalities.

  • Optimize the configurator startup speed.

  • Support STM32L1 series chip (latest version only)

  • Perfect project generating to add more available peripheral drivers.

  • Perfect link script editor.

  • Perfect package download logs.

  • Fixes engineering download failure when importing the space path.

  • Fix the prompt problem without debug configuration after downloading the imported project.

  • Optimize configurator startup speed, fix some display errors.

  • Add compiled logs to simplify output and detail output function.

  • Support displaying the current RT-Thread project version.

  • Add link.lds file graphics editor function.

  • Optimize the RT-Thread configuration interface.

  • Fix the package version display inconsistency issue.

  • Fix the prompt problem without debug configuration after downloading the imported project.

  • Fix the following version of 5.0 when the process resides after the JLink finished downloading.

  • Update the list of new project wizard chips.

  • Adjust the engineering wizard to create priority if based on chips.

  • Adjust the F1 series chips default select 103VE.

  • Perfect the information display in the tree configuration interface prompt box.

  • Fix the incorrect package version display issue.

  • Solve the problem of chip switching and debugging configuration not able to open after renaming project.

  • Fix the problem of occupancy anomalies when deleting the project.

  • Upgrade the project generator.

  • Added a beautiful and complete Dev Style theme.

  • Support ST-Link program automatically runs and configures after downloading.

  • Support viewing configuration item dependency information.

  • Optimize and improve the serial terminal function.

  • Solve the support problem of C++.

  • Add project creation wizard console serial LPUART1 option.
  • Add tree configuration search function in right-click menu (Ctrl-F), making it easy to find configuration items.
  • Add a one-click maximize function button in the tree configuration interface for easily operating tree configuration.
  • Add a right-click function menu for Drivers component development document for easily viewing the development document.
  • Support moonrise theme function plug-in.
  • Add RT-Thread category project importing entrance.
  • Automatic addition of C++ support when the C++ component is enabled.
  • Fix a problem of duplicate nodes in the tree configuration.
  • Fix an issue that the welcome page does not display on some computers.
  • Fix an issue that the package version cannot be modified.
  • Simplify the JLink configuration and remove the JLink download configuration page.
  • Integrate the new terminal software putty.
  • The chip is named in the form of chip package naming specification.
  • Optimize and improve the project generator.