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Why RT-Thread?

Rich Components

Device virtual file system
Supports FAT, UFFS, NFSv3, ROMFS, RAMFS, etc.
Device management framework
Uses a unified interface to access the hardware peripherals.
Low power management framework
The system can go to sleep mode automatically, and supports dynamic voltage and frequency scaling.
Hardware encryption &decryption framework
Supports algorithms such as hash, symmetric, gcm, etc.
Protocol stack
Supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NB-IoT, 2G | 3G | 4G, Http, MQTT, and LwM2M, etc.
Remote upgrade FOTA
Safe and reliable, and which supports encryption, anti-tampering, breakpoint resume, intelligent restoration, backtracking and other mechanisms.
Dynamic modules
The dynamic modules and the kernel can be compiled separately, and at runtime, the compiled dynamic modules are loaded into the kernel to run.
Third-party components
Support Yaffs2, Sqlite, FreeModbus, Canopen, etc.

Great Portability & Software Ecology

Supports mainstream chip architecture
Such as ARM Cortex-M, MIPS, X86, Xtensa, C-Sky, RISC-V, ARC, etc.
Unified interface specification
Various MCUs and their peripheral interfaces are highly abstracted and the programming interfaces are unified.
POSIX interface
Easy to port Linux or Unix programs to RT-Thread. Support for File I/O, Signals, PThreads, IPC, etc.
Seamless application migration
Follows highly reusable software design principles, one-time programming, permanent use.
Multiple compiling tools
Such as Keil, IAR, GCC, Eclipse, Visual Studio and RT-Thread Studio development environment, etc.
Rich BSPs and porting templates
Lots of BSPs as well as porting templates that can be quickly ported to the target chip based on the porting template.

Tiny & Elegant

Small in Size
RT-Thread has a Nano version with a very small size and refined hard real-time kernel, which requires only 3KB of ROM and 1.2 KB of RAM.
RT-Thread has rich features, such as, hard real-time scheduler, thread management, interthread synchronization and communication, clock management, interrupt management, memory management, etc.

RT-Thread Studio

RT-Thread studio is one-stop development tool, it has easy-to-use graphical configuration system and a wealth of software packages and components resources, which makes IoT development simple and efficient.

  • Community version is free forever.
  • Easy-to-use engineering creation wizard can quickly validate prototypes.
  • Brand new graphical configuration system, which supports both schema diagram and tree diagram configuration.
  • Software package market offers a variety of package resources.

Latest News


News | Dec.17.2020
RT-Thread IoT OS Joins STMicroelectronics Partner Program to Deliver One-Stop & Free-to-Use IDE RT-Thread Studio for STM32 IoT Development:
RT-Thread IoT OS Joins STMicroelectronics Partner Program to Deliver One-Stop & Free-to-Use IDE RT-Thread Studio for STM32 IoT Development.Brings an open-source RTOS and a handy IDE to ST products to make IoT development easier and built with trust.RT-Thread RTOS supports the STM32 series dev boards


Blog | Oct.19.2020
Learn About PCA9685 I/O Expander Applications With RT-Thread (PWM, I2C)
Hardware features. 1. Each PWM has a 12-bit resolution (4096 level); 2. Up to 16 PWM output, all PWM frequencies are unity, each space ratio can be independently controlled; 3. I2C methods; 4. Support 2.3V to 5.5V voltage, logic level 3.3V; 5. Reset mode: Power-on reset, software reset.


Announcement | Dec.15.2020
RT-Thread Studio IDE Upgrades into v2.0 to Support More Kinds of Projects!
WE ARE IN DECEMBER and 2021 is just around the corner, we are so thrilled to release RT-Thread Studio v2.0 before the end of Dec 2020. First things first, we want to thank RT-Thread community developers who contributed their time, energy, and talent to help RT-Thread Studioprogress by giving us feedback, great suggestions, and 100% supports.

RT-Thread Supported Chips & Boards

  • stm32f407-st-discovery
  • stm32f411-st-nucleo
  • stm32f429-st-disco
  • stm32f469-st-disco
  • stm32h743-st-nucleo
  • psoc6-pioneerkit_modus
  • frdm-k64f
  • gd32vf103v-eval
  • hifive1
  • imxrt1052-nxp-evk
  • lpc54608-LPCXpresso
  • lpc55sxx
  • raspi2
  • rv32m1_vega
  • stm32f427-robomaster-a
  • stm32l475-atk-pandora
  • ST Micro STM32 Nucleo-64
  • ST Micro STM32F4 Discovery
  • ST Micro STM32F7 Discovery
  • OpenISA VEGAboard

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