2022 RT-Thread Tech Conference Featured 60 Topics and with over 22,000 Online Attendees!

Announcement | June.21.2022

The 6-day long RT-Thread Tech Conference started on May 27 for the China Session 3 days and on June 1 we continued the Global Session. The 6-day long event closed on June 3, has a total of 60 topics featured, and with over 22000 online attendees. We’re so grateful with the enthusiasm and contribution that comes from community contributors, manufacturing partners, universities, and enterprises. 

It's every one of you making the open-source RT-Thread IoT OS project powerful. Wish all of us a lot of enthusiasm, energy, shared trust, and resolve on our way towards achieving a better future for open source.

Welcome to build, contribute, submit PR, and anything to help RT-Thread grows! RT-Thread Github Repository:

If you missed the event, here's a recap:

The slides will be shared on RT-Thread Club soon, join the Club.

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