June 1- June 3 RT-Thread Global Tech Conference Agenda

Announcement | May.18.2023

Mark your calendars for June 1st to June 3rd and get ready to be blown away by the 2023 RT-Thread Global Tech Conference! We can’t wait to share all the juicy details about this incredible event.

Don’t miss out — register for free here:

Join us for a virtual adventure (Global Session) as we explore 26 fantastic topics in AI, RISC-V, embedded systems, IoT, security, applications, development environments and tools, industry insights, and so much more. Take a peek at the agenda below:

Dev Boards Giveaway

Win a Dev Board! We’re giving away RT-Thread inside Dev Boards to lucky participants randomly throughout the conference — three times a day! And on June 3rd, we’ll give away a Super Luxury Dev Board Package to include all types of dev boards. So stay tuned and keep an eye on the conference — you could be the lucky winner! Free register here:

Registration Giveaway

1st Round of the 2023 RGDC Giveaway

We’re giving away Ten RISC-V Instruction Desk Mats to the Random Registration. Now register for the 2023 RT-Thread Global Tech Conference to get the chance to win the RISC-V Instruction Desk Mat:

2nd Round of the 2023 RGDC Giveaway

Packt is sponsoring 5 e-books for 5 Lucky Registrations, free register to win:

3rd Round of the 2023 RGDC Giveaway

RT-Thread is giving away 5 RT-Thread × Renesas × LVGL HMI Board for 5 Lucky Registrations for the 2023 RT-Thread Global Tech Conference, free register to win:

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