This is the full version of RT-Thread, consisting of the kernel layer, components and service layer, and IoT framework layer.

RT-Thread Nano

RT-Thread Nano is tailored from RT-Thread standard version, it is officially released by RT-Thread in July 2017. It has a very small size and refined hard real-time kernel, and which requires only 3 KB of ROM and 1.2 KB of RAM.

RT-Thread Env

RT-Thread Env tool includes configurator and package manager, which is used to configure the functions of kernel and components, also it can be used to tailor the components, and manage the online packages, making it easier to build systems as if building blocks.

RT-Thread Studio

RT-Thread studio is one-stop development tool, it has easy-to-use graphical configuration system and a wealth of software packages and components resources, which makes IoT development simple and efficient.