RT-Thread studio is one-stop development tool, it has easy-to-use graphical configuration system and a wealth of software packages and components resources, which makes IoT development simple and efficient.

RT-Thread Studio has the features of project creation and management, code editing, SDK management, RT-Thread configuration, build configuration, debugging configuration, program download and debug. Also it combined the graphical configuration system with packages and component resources, reducing the duplication of work and improving the development efficiency.

  • Community version is free forever.
  • Supports mainstream C/C++ language development.
  • Powerful code editing and refactoring functionality.
  • SDK Manager supports online download and update latest source package of RT-Thread.
  • Easy-to-use project creation wizard can quickly validate prototypes.
  • Brand new graphical configuration system, which supports both schema diagram and tree diagram configuration.
  • Software package market offers a variety of package resources.
  • Rich debugging facilities to quickly view and track code issues.


Project Creation Wizard

Project Creation Wizard

Easy-to-use project creation wizard that can create projects based on development boards, as well as based on chips, generate drives and other codes automatically and quickly validate functional prototypes.

Graphical Configuration System

Graphical Configuration System

Brand new graphical configuration system, which supports both schema diagram and tree diagram configuration, and it has clear and intuitive features, easy to use, greatly reducing the opeartion difficulty in configuring systems and resources.

Packages Market

Packages Market

Web-based interaction, RT-Thread provides a wealth of package resources and gives you a development experience like building blocks. And package search has also been developed for easy to lookup the parckage, makes it easy to view package documentation and download packages online.

Code Editing

Code Editing

RT-Thread has powerful code editing functions, such as, automatic code assistant, code template, code formatting, code refactoring and so on, which improves coding efficiency and makes code more disciplined and standardized.

Simulation Debugging

Simulation Debugging

A variety of emulators are supported, and integrated multiple types of terminal tools to view chip core registers, peripheral registers, variables, expressions, assembly code, memory data, etc. Also supports assembly step, breakpoint management, can quickly view and locate code problems.

SDK Manager

SDK Manager

The SDK Manager enables fast online download of RT-Thread stable version code packs while update the latest version of RT-Thread code simultaneously.

Tutorial Video

RT-Thread Studio | Quick Start

Quickly create RT-Thread projects based on MCU. Add finsh and enable ulog components. Build and download programs. Test ps & reboot commands via serial port.

RT-Thread Studio | Create Project

How to create project with RT-Thread Studio

RT-Thread Studio | Build Configuration

Introduce how to build configuration on a project.

RT-Thread Studio | Configuration

Introduce the entrance and detailed usage of the RT-Thread configuration feature.

RT-Thread Studio | Code Editing

Introduce the functional entry and editing techniques of code editing.

RT-Thread Studio | Debugging

Explain the basic methods of debugging and various methods of viewing debugging data.

RT-Thread Studio | SDK Manager

Introduce how the SDK Manager works and how to use it.


DAP-LINK Debugger has been integrated into RT-Thread Studio IDE V1.1.3

QEMU Simulator DEMO

QEMU Simulator has been integrated into RT-Thread Studio IDE V1.1.3.