ArmClang Supported on RT-Thread V4.1.0

Blog | July.8.2022

ArmClang Support

In the release of RT-Thread 4.1.0, Arm Compiler 6 was added, allowing users to modify the `` to specify the compiler while building mdk5 projects.

  • ArmClang supports more architectures compared to Armcc, Armcc supports armv7 architectures, armclang supports Armv6, Armv7, Armv8 and future Arm’s new processors.
  • ArmClang compiles faster than Armcc under the same project.

User Guide

  • Open any project in the rt-thread/bsp directory, we’re taking stm32h750-artpi-h750 as an example.
  • Open the file and modify the PLATFORM to armclang.
  • Open the keil template project, modify the compiler to ArmClang, Ctrl+S save settings
  • Under the RT-Thread Env environment, use the command scons --target=mdk5' to generate the keil project.


  • Arm Compiler armclang Reference Guide Version 6.9